Tips When Meeting Up For A Date Or Just Hanging Out Back

By Kaysiao Team • September 09, 2016

Hi Pengyows! How’s it going? We have observed that the number of online daters in our site is increasing and we are very much thankful for your support and for using our site as part of your daily socialization. There were many questions about what to do after chatting and talking, so here are the tips to make your date or hanging out as memorable as possible.

  1. DRESS TO IMPRESS OR GROOM NICELY. Even if it is just a “hang out” or a friendly date, one should know how to dress well. Do you want to know why? Because FIRST IMPRESSION LASTS. When a person dresses well, he/she exudes a confidence that makes one attractive. It is not about doing it for the other person, but doing it for yourself.

  1. SMILE AND HAVE EYE CONTACT WITH THE PERSON YOU ARE ABOUT TO MEET. There have been so many failed meet ups because the person was so nervous that he/she forgot to smile. Smiling gives positive vibes and eye contact shows that the person is interested with you and not with any other person.

  1. BEING NERVOUS IS NATURAL BUT TRY TO ASK THINGS THAT ARE SIMPLE LIKE...HOW WAS YOUR TRIP GOING HERE? For first time online daters, the nervous feeling is but natural, of course both of you are excited to see each other so as to ease tension, one can start to say hi, or ask how was his/her day.

  1. BE A GENTLEMAN EVEN IF THE PERSON YOU MEET IS NOT YOUR TYPE. Good karma can bring you better good karma.

  1. FOR WOMEN, IF THE GUY IS NOT YOUR TYPE, STILL BE GRACIOUS THAT HE MET UP WITH YOU. Sometimes you meet people for a reason, it may not be for a life partner reason but that person could become a friend, business associate or a “hang out” buddy.

  1. TRY NOT TO SPLIT THE BILL IF POSSIBLE. Men who pays on the first date shows that the man is capable of taking care of his girl. It is a sign of maturity and giving the sign of security which is every girl’s need.

  1. BE THANKFUL FOR THE EXPERIENCE AND SMILE AGAIN. If the first date worked out fine, that is the best. But if it didn’t, then try again and still be thankful that you are attractive enough to be considered by the other person. It pays to be kind and beautiful at the same time.