Is the Chinoy Tinder? It’s a YES and a NO Back

By Lucia Go • September 09, 2016

It really pays to be famous. Haha…Why is the Chinoy Tinder? Duh…Because it’s an online dating site for Chinoys. So why is it a no? Because promotes clean online dating and not just a “sex thing”. Do you wanna know how it feels to be a traditional Chinoy? We are bound by so many rules in the household that if we don’t follow, our “mana” will be taken from us. Hahaha. We even have to keep our secret “huwana” bfs/gfs so as not to taint the family tree. We have two new years, the other one is the Chinese New Year, then we have August, an “all souls” month, then we have a “Pwa Tiong Chiu” which is a dice game that we play every September.  So I am so thankful that I found because there is less pressure in getting to know people and the guy I find cute finds me cute too. I am so happy to get to know a lot of people and with different matches and dates per week, this is heaven compared to the two years that I have been technically “kaisiaoed”. The matchmakers kept coming to our tiamlay because they were pressuring my mom that my Chinese sign should get married by that year. Hahaha, but to no avail, it’s either the guys were freaks, were old for me or were desperate. The traditional matchmakers are just in for the money, not really for the quality of meeting. Thank you, I am finally enjoying my socialization this time since I am a busy woman in a family business that manufactures garments. It really pays to see that dating can be accessible with just one click without the pressure.