Finding Your Vibrational Reality in This Wonderful World Back

By Bridget Uy • August 15, 2016

Have you ever thought about your sense of purpose? Why are you trying an online dating site? What is your purpose? What do you think is the reason why you are here? I suddenly made a realization on my own and it was a process. All my life, I was praying for a boyfriend. For 10 years and counting, I have been religiously praying and waiting for him. I met him through online dating.  And when he finally came unexpectedly, I was surprised. He was all I have been waiting for all my life. Except that he was not Filipino Chinese. I was devastated. How can my family accept him? How will my friends see him? I was confused with my feelings because my environment doesn’t approve of him. I was torn between choosing what was right and what I wanted. Our love was happy and sad at the same time. We were happy because we were compatible in a lot of aspect in our life. He made me feel like a woman and not just an ordinary girl. It was a special memory. That experience with him has made me stronger now. Like any usual non Filchi relationship, it didn’t work out. I chose what was more important for me which was my family. I chose that reality even if I was in denial. I manifested what I wanted through the law of attraction. The universe doesn’t listen to your mind, but to how you feel. You know what you want and what you don’t want. There is no right or wrong in the universe. What is the purpose of me writing this blog? I want to share my unconditional love for you, because I know that each person who is looking for love has that thinking of belonging and satisfaction. And there are more negative experiences in love rather than positive. But I believe that if you have that desire to get what you want. You will get it. Just believe and wait. It is happening as long as you have faith. 

I am attaching Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks’ video to make you realize and reflect on what is the essence of your life. Are you being a good person without any judgement of anyone?

Sending you much love,

Pengyow Bridget