Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete an account?
Under Settings, Click the button PERMANTLY DELETE MY ACCOUNT. This will erase all your data in our system. Kaysiao faq
Can i still join once i deleted my account?
Yes, You can register again any time after deleting your account.
What are the advantages of Premium Members?
Membership advantages are:
  1. Unlimited Messaging
  2. Can view unlimited photos of other users
  3. Hidden advertisement
  4. Automatic verified member option
  5. In the BROWSE page, an option will be available to filter or show all verified members only.
  6. Gold Theme for the profile page
  7. More features will be added soon.
Kaysiao faq
What is the difference between a Premium Member and a Verified Member?
A premium member has features and has automatic option to become a verified member.
How to become a Verified Member?
Kaysiao faq
  1. Avail Premium Membership which are categorized into:
    - Basic 2 months membership
    - Standard 6 months membership
    - Premium 12 months membership
  2. After availing the Premium Membership, a button “Verify” will be available at your menu bar.
  3. Submit a captured image of your id for review.
  4. Wait for the approval thru email.
How long does it take after submitting an ID for Verified Membership approval?
- It usually only take 3 days or a week if your account details matches with your ID.
- If your account details and ID information did not match. You will receive an email to ask the reason why there is mismatch and the member needs to provide a new ID that will match his/her details.
Reasons for disapproval of Verified Membership Application.
  1. First name and Last name in did not match the ID that was submitted.
  2. The profile picture at did not closely resemble the picture in the ID that was submitted.
  3. Questionable appearance, email and I.D.
What is the advantage of being a Verified Member?
Being a Verified Member means that you are a real person because of the I.D that was given.
What are the payment options?
- Paypal is our payment option as of the moment.
Kaysiao faq
- We accept Credit Card via Paypal. Kaysiao faq
How secured is the payment option?
Kaysiao faq All the payment processing is done through Paypal directly. will not have or get any details about the member’s credit card.
I already paid the Premium Membership but my account did not change.
If this happens, just message or CONTACT US. Please include your account email address.
How to report someone?
Visit the CONTACT US page and state the reason why the user is reported.
How to block/unblock someone?
To block a user, Visit the users profile page and click "More > Block User" Kaysiao faq

To unblock a user, click "Settings > Blocked User > Unblock" Kaysiao faq
How does protect its members? was made to become an online platform for fellow Filipino Chinese singles to meet. The verified membership is a tool to guide the users for responsible online dating.
Can someone trace me on Facebook if I register in using my Facebook account?
First name basis is the way the users are seen in In order to avoid to be traced, use a profile picture that is not connected to your public profile picture in Facebook.
How could the site help me?
The site was done in order to give way for social dating online. The positive thing about online dating is that there is no pressure in choosing the people one would want to chat with. The goal of the site is to network and help fellow Filipino Chinese who are not much into the social scene or Filipino Chinese abroad and in the province who are limited with their social circle.
I am not a Filipino Chinese, Can i still join was made for fellow Filipino Chinese people to meet and greet. It is the choice of the user if he/she wants to join the site.
Is a legit business in the Philippines? is founded by a team of Filipino Chinese young professionals. It will not operate if the means is not legit. As Filipino Chinese, we value business with integrity and passion.