How To Be Happily Single Back

By Kristine Majeda • August 27, 2016

At the age of early thirties, the trending for Filipino Chinese singles is enjoying life to the fullest. Technically, the idea of arranged marriages is getting somewhat obsolete. Filchi women are getting more independent and more in love with life. But is it really true that women in this genre are choosing to be single than to settle for less? For me, being single is a journey. Before, I reached 30, I remembered vividly the times, I was “kaisiaoed” by friends, aunties and even my mom. I was frustrated then. I was influenced by the fear that I would end up alone and no one would want me because I am getting old. I was desperate. I was in need of an ideal knight in shining armor. Any guy who was “bwe phay” was ok with me. I settled, I settled so hard that every getting to know went down the drain. I tried to compromise to no avail. I fell into a pit of misery and anxiety. I didn’t know what to do. I was stuck. Like every Filchi single woman before 30, I was stressed.

After some time and beyond the age of 30. I started to find myself. I read books, watched videos, interacted with new friends and acquaintances, tried new hobbies. It was a time of rebirth, a time for a new chance in life. Then it was the start of all the blessings that happened in my life.

I realized in order to get my desired partner, I need to be happily single. So how can that be? Here are the few steps I learned that makes me happy as of today.

  1. I invested on learning new things. When I was younger, I was afraid to try new stuff because I was stuck in my comfort zone. Now I realized that new things bring new opportunities.

  2. I became thankful for all the things that has been happening in my life whether good or bad. I was a negative person. I was cynical about life. When I became open to the blessings of the universe, more positive things happen.

  3. I accepted that love is unconditional. I have been hurt a lot of times. It was all anger and regret, later on I realized that love conquers all fear and forgiveness matters.

  4. I thrive with change. I was resistant with change, but change brought me to a deeper understanding that life is beautiful no matter what.