Why is religion important in a RELATIONSHIP? Back

By Sandra Chan • August 30, 2016

I was told by my friends that I am so picky with relationships. I am beautiful, smart and confident. I have a lot of suitors. But why is it that at the age of twenty eight, I was not settling for anyone? Let me tell you why.

Living in a Filipino Chinese household with Catholic and Buddhist parents is something a culture that I had imbibed. We go to Mass and religious pilgrimages but we have a “To Ti Kong” and “Kuanima” at home. I went to a typical Filipino Chinese school. I have everything. But why am I here blogging? Because I want to share to you my story on how I found my mate because of religion. I used to not believe that religion plays a role in relationships. I thought anyone can adjust as long as you are “compatible”. But I was wrong. I had a series of relationships that we would fight because, the guy was either “agnostic” or an “atheist” or too preachy. I was confused because I thought love was the only answer to relationships. Later on, I embarked on an online dating site which had specific interests. I was enjoying my time in the site until I met Victor. He was God fearing, handsome and smart. But what got me interested in him was that he invited me to go to Mass. It was the first time that a guy invited me to go to Mass. I was intrigued, as time went by, we would go together to church and have Mass. He introduced me to his family. He was serious in dating me. I was surprised when all of this happened because I was not searching for anyone. I was enjoying my time. Now, my love story is still happy because we have God as a center of our universe. Religion played a role in our relationship because, it bound us to serve God and be with Him. Consider religion as your non- negotiable because it can help you see the person on how he sees God. Because when everything fails, only God can keep and support you.