Inspired by Obama Back

By Jennifer See • September 15, 2016

Coming from a trauma of failed trust and a failed relationship, I thought I will never love again. But watching the video of Barack and Michelle Obama about their love story made me believe that real love still exists if you believe and continue to choose to stay. I almost thought that love was not for me until I met my husband through online dating. I did everything I can to find love when I was young, I was “kaisiaoed” a lot of times by aunties and friends. Everyone wanted me to get married. I knew I wanted to get married but I didn’t know how. I was frustrated because I met a lot of losers and posers. I risked my heart to all those men who just hurt me because I wasn’t ready. I compromised a lot during my youth because everybody thought I was choosy. They said I should not be choosy because if I am I will not get a mate. True enough, they were right. I was able to get a lot of “wrong mates” because I thought I deserved them. I thought since I compromised, I get it better the next time. But time passed so quickly and every relationship failed because I was technically not ready. You see, I am a strong minded woman. I always get what I want. I thrive in business and stocks. Men came to me in droves but I felt empty. I tried to find my identity in every guy that I met but in the end, they leave me because they couldn’t take it anymore. After my last break up, I vowed to fix myself. To fix my ideas about life, to fix my love for myself. I invested on myself more and began to be more thankful in my life. I gave more without expecting anything in return. I loved more with patience and no contempt. I accepted that I had mistakes but they will not define my future. I began to see life in a new light. I opened my heart to new possibilities. I watched Barack and Michelle Obama’s moments together. I learned about their love story and that’s when I realized that I deserve the best. The right guy for me is at par with my intellect and attitude. He stays even if I am moody sometimes. He shows affection that I want. He cherishes me. He loves me. He chooses to stay with me amidst the chaos. He prays with me. This guy is my right guy. Barack wasn’t intimidated with Michelle. Michelle was brilliant as she is. I am brilliant. I know I am. When the time came that I realized my value, the right guy came at the right time. He was all I ever wanted. He is my “Obama” and I am his “Michelle”. We do great music together. He is not threatened by my strong demeanor. He loves me as I am. I am so thankful. Thank God, I waited. Thank God, I didn’t compromise.