Are You Here To Date, To Network, To Marry Someone? Back

By Kaysiao Team • December 02, 2016

Many people say that branding is important and “basic marketing” is limited to people who graduated from a “basic marketing” degree. If we all judge people with that kind of thinking, people like Jack Ma and Lucio Tan will never be successful in the field that they are in right now. The sad thing about close minded people is thinking beyond the box is unforgiveable for them. If we are all limited to certain beliefs that belittle people then there would be no growth in this world. is an online dating site but its vision is also to help fellow Chinoypreneurs to widen their market through online marketing thru the ads. We propose to put taglines on different businesses to create a Chinoy community that has a heart to help and connect with fellow Filchis. What is the difference between a Chinoy’s perspective and other people? We thrive on familiarity and loyalty. Majority of Chinoys stay loyal to their brands because they believe that being a good person is not just about good karma but also giving back to the universe the good things that are received. One of the keypoints of being a Filchi is that we know how to multitask. We learn from experience and we show the world that amidst the chaos we know how to be flexible with time.  When you say “Kaysiao” technically it refers to matchmaking. But to fellow Chinoys it is not just limited to dating or love, it can move to referral in the business or in the job place. So for “closeminded people” kaysiao is just limited to the dating per se. But technically the idea of kaysiao is to connect people. We are aware that some users are using the site as a business portal and also there are people who are not really looking for love but out of curiosity. We would like people to be aware that we want every Filchi to be part of this community soon as we launch a Chinoypreneur directory. This is part of our vision to create for networking and business opportunities for aspiring Chinoypreneurs.

If you would like to put up an ad in our site, let us know and for a minimal fee, you will see that helping means sharing the love. Sharing the love means you are blessed. Being blessed means giving back and the cycle continues. God bless, everyone.