Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women Back

By Kaysiao Team • December 27, 2016


We are very pleased that a fellow Filchi wanted to contribute to our site. Thank you, Ms. Rencelle Tan. Her advice about understanding men and women could help online daters to realize the differences between men and women. Share the love. 


Men and women are different physically and mentally absolutely right? But well, first thing is first we are different to each other but we are from the same planet.

There are many facts and myths in scientific research and studies that shows that men and women are more different than they really are.

This difference somehow affects the relationship of men and women to each other. So, I create a some sort of list to know and understand the difference of men and women to each other.

Well, this list is talking for general attitude and personality of women and men and it's up to you if you categorized yourself or your girlfriend or boyfriend as having one of those in the list.

Women should know about men.

1.      Men are more visually-driven. Well, I read in some sites that men are so-called visual creatures because men attracts to a woman’s look but it doesn’t mean in the same way around to some men. Men, however, are even more apt than women to respond to visual cues.As a result, you might find that men prefer to view a map to understand directions over hearing the directions read, or they might insist that they need to see a problem in order to fix it. Try not to be annoyed at this tendency, and accept it as an inborn trait he may not know how to control.

2.      Men are not talkative.Well, this is true as for my boyfriend he usually nods a lot and also in texting always saying “okay”. But basically in some research indicates that this difference begins in childhood, when little girls form bonds by sharing secrets and discussing problems while boys bond over shared activities and interests . If you expect your boyfriend or husband to be like your best female conversation partner, only better, you might be surprised - men tend not to build strong relationships through conversation, and they switch topics more frequently than women do.In addition to this, men also don't make as much eye contact when they're talking to someone. Instead, their gazes wander to other objects in the immediate area as they talk.

3.      Understand that men can't always identify emotions.Think of the old stereotype of a husband who has no idea what he's done to enrage his wife. It's possible that he's not just being deliberately clueless - he might genuinely have no idea why she's upset, or whether she's upset at all. Because women have more developed limbic systems, they're better at classifying and reading emotions, a skill that was useful when women were primarily in charge of maintaining social connections in ancient cultures. Men, on the other hand, lag behind women in studies of how the sexes identify and control emotions. And in this difference, it disappoint the women’s heart and this usually leads to quarrel or worse break-ups.

4.      Losing their freedom.Men doesn’t want stereotypes kind of women it will make them think of losing freedom.Well, I’m gonna skip the sugar-coating and cut right to the heart of it: men are terrified of losing their freedom. It may sound ridiculous or immature, but it’s the truth. This is the reason men are so afraid of commitment, it’s the reason they withdraw when a relationship deepens, it’s the reason they go hot and cold, and it’s pretty much the reason behind almost every relationship issue you’ve ever had. 

Men should know about women

1.      We appreciate the little things. Believe it or not, when it comes to impressing us, you don’t have to go big or go home. This applies to all things, because what we’re really looking for is thoughtfulness. Kind words, meaningful touch, small acts of service- your love is best communicated in the details. When my husband walks in the door with a beautiful flower he picked along the way, it melts my heart more than 10 dozen roses ever could- because he thought of me in the most unexpected moment. The little things often say the most.

2.      We want to be your partner – not your mother. Women have the unhealthy tendency of taking care of the men in their lives – and then resenting them. The truth is, we were made to nurture, but in marriage and in healthy relationships, that nurturing needs to be played out in the context of a give-and-take relationship. We want to serve, yet we also need to be served. We want to give, but we also need to feel that we’re receiving. We want to be able to take care of our man, but just as much, we want to feel that he’s taking good care of us.

3.      Women want to feel listened to.Men, she doesn’t want us to fix it, Women just wants men to listen. Women doesn’t want or need solution to the problem, even if she asked for our opinion. She does want us to understand how she’s feeling about the problem and identify with her in that feeling—“Thanks for sharing that with me” or “I’m so sorry that happened” would be good words to consider saying to her.

4.      Women want to feel understood.Women need men to understand how they think and feel, even though that is hard. It would help us to understand that most women’s thought lives are like computers, with multiple windows open and processing all at once. Unlike many men who can only process one thing at a time, women are constantly juggling multiple thoughts and emotions all at the same time. We are complex! So, men you should be patient.

Men and Women’s differs to each but this differences may become a similarities if both of them have a good communication and also trust.Trust is some kind of aspects that once it is broken it cannot be taken back to its original, so be careful. Good communication also becomes a factor because if you are not having communication it will result to misunderstanding and will lead to quarrels and worse break-up.

Author: Rencelle Tan