What Is The Definition Of Attraction Between A Man And A Woman? Back

By Kaysiao Team • February 15, 2017



February 11,2017 ‘s Relationship seminar was a breather for the participants. We were blessed because the right people came to our seminar to get to know more of themselves. As the Kaysiao.com Team observed the night’s event. There were a lot of things we learned from the speakers Jov Trinidad and Jason Principe from Trance Manila. These are the key points we learned and we would like to share this with you.


Perception is different in every person. Jov showed the participants some pictures to which they perceive with different opinions. Just like communication, if we want to perceive what is best we have to learn how to change our habits and are used to be perception about life.


Communication is limitless. If you are born an introvert, it doesn’t mean you will be forever an introvert. You choose what you want to happen in your life by changing the way you live and the habit that you preach.


Men are logical in thinking while women gives importance to emotions. Jason shared a story about how comedians get a lot of girls while some buff and handsome models have a hard time getting one. This is true that emotions play a role in a woman’s genetic make-up because people are drawn to people who make them laugh or have positive vibes.


Before you can share your love, you need to love yourself first.  If you are not confident with yourself, you will not attract the right person or if you may, that person will be the same as you, no confidence.


The subconscious mind has more storage than your conscious mind. The people that we are attracted to are what the subconscious mind’s preference. If we want to change our patterns, we need to learn how to train our subconscious mind.