The Difference Between A Guy Friend and A Boyfriend Back

By Kaysiao Team • April 08, 2017

There have been so many wrong notions about friendship and relationship. What are we? Are we mutually connected? Are we in a relationship? Are we just friends? What are we? There are so many things to consider but so little time to think. If your hormones are raging and you feel like this is it, think about it first. So what is the difference between a guy friend and a boyfriend? Here are some clues to consider:


Guy Friend:


He is there when you need him the most.

He listens to your problems.

There is no sexual tension between you and him.

Platonic relationship is born between you and him.



He is there for you even if you don’t need him.

He gives you support when you are down.

He loves you and accepts you as who you are.

He believes in your dreams.

He has plans with you.

He has sexual connection with you.

He stays even if you provoke him.

He loves your family and friends.

He gives you the emotional intimacy that you need.



So what do you think of your current guy, is he a guy friend? Or a boyfriend?