Why Love Never Left Back

By Sarah  Ang • May 01, 2017


There has been a lot of musings about love. We think love is a vision of what we are looking for life. But what we don’t know is that love is beyond that. I was broken the first time. It took me 2 years to recover, when I recovered I met the 2nd person I thought could love me and accept me as I am. He was a fun loving person, had a wonderful family, simple and honest. The difference between us was that our lives were not the same. He saw life simply as it is. I have more dreams than my current circumstance. The beautiful memories we started shattered when reality took its toll about how different we are. He left with a troubled mind and heart because he said he valued more of the lesson of meeting me rather than making the relationship work. I was in grief because I am a fighter. Despite everything, I wanted to make it work. I wanted him to stay. I wanted him to stay with me. But the more you try, the more it evades. Later on, I found counsel from healing coaches of Pathways Healing Center and learned 10 valuable lessons about love.  

1.Love is not about romance or just emotions. It is from within. It is a choice. It should start from oneself.


2.We attract the people in our life with the same vibration of us. We always thought it was about physical attraction but it is not. What is about us, within us if we are in alignment is what we attract. If we are broken then we jump into a rebound relationship, that relationship will not work because for a relationship to work both people should be in alignment of each other.


3.Greed is not just about the money it is also about not letting go. This is the new lesson I learned that made me realize that the reason why I can’t let go because I was greedy to not set him free energetically.


4.Heal your inner child wounds before you decide to be in a relationship. I realized that I was the one who wasn’t ready for a relationship. I though consciously I was but I wasn’t. I had fear of relationships that don’t work that’s why it manifested in my current circumstance.


5.Unconditional love is not limited to your family and friends it should start from you. After I had my karmic cleansing, I realized that unconditional love means giving without expectation, putting yourself first before everyone, having faith that everything is alright and surrendering control of your life to God.


6.People come into our lives to teach us and if they choose to leave us we should not hold them back. Detachment from the one I love is the hardest thing for me to accept. I am a passionate lover. I fall in love not only with the person but his whole being and with his family. I like holding on to memories because that is what I was accustomed to. But real love means letting go because memories are just part of the past. We can never bring it back. We just create new ones.


7.Real love means forgiving yourself why it didn’t work. When a relationship doesn’t work, we tend to look for answers beyond our soul. We research, we distract ourselves thinking that the answer to leaving is forgetting. But in reality until we accept and forgive ourselves for being vulnerable till then we will realize that everything is a process.


8.Faith in love is what we need to fulfill our innermost desires. A priest said in his homily that there is no hopeless case but hopeless people. That statement struck a chord within me because I keep on praying but I was stuck on being hopeless about my current situation. I was so focused on the negative thing that I didn’t see the point that everything is still a blessing.


9.Let the universe guide you to the right path, let go of control and resistance. The challenging thing of being a person is to let go of control. I am a planner, I plan everything in my life but when a challenge hits you and you realize that we should just do our part and let go. If there was one thing I realized with my past relationships, I was not ready to let go of control.


10.Love yourself and let it overflow. Thru time I have learned to respect each person and not to judge them by their status, their background and look. Don’t regret when you fall in love because it is who you are. If that person failed you, love him still because real love is boundless. Real love is kindness. Real love stays. Real love forgives. Real love just loves no questions, no buts, no what if’s. If pain is lingering, embrace it and be thankful that you felt that intense emotion because it meant you loved and the test of time can only tell if that love is meant for you or for you to let go.