What Are The Perks Of Being Part Of The Kaysiao.com Community? Back

By Kaysiao Team • August 04, 2016

We are so blessed that many of you are joining and availing our Membership packages.

So technically what do you think is in store for you?

Kaysiao.com came from a need to reconnect to fellow Filipino Chinese singles all over the world. Kaisiao used to be connected with parents trying to consult matchmakers for matching their sons and daughters. But technically kaisiao could also be referring someone for services, business or work related concerns. So the idea here is if there comes a time that there is a need to help a fellow Filchi, there is an online Filipino Chinese community (Kaysiao.com) who would try to help. It is an innate nature of a Filipino Chinese individual to help a person in need. Angkong, ama and pebu teach in a Filipino Chinese household the essence of respect for elders, proper handling of money and right way of relationships. So “you” as a member will be part of an online community who would make a difference in helping fellow Filchis.

As of the moment the site is still a work in progress, we are very pleased that there are a lot of people who became part of the site. Thank you for trusting us and making this dream a reality.  

Being a Kaysiao.com Member Means:

  • More access to more specified members

  • Invitation to future events and parties

  • Discounts with partner restaurants, hotels, flower shops, stores, apparel and gadgets stores and seminars

  • Complimentary coupons to self help seminars, maybe online or actual seminars for self development

For now these are just the proposed deals for being a member.

If you are a member and you have questions please message us at the “Contact Us” page.

Xie xie,  Pengyows. God bless.