By Kaysiao Team • June 26, 2019

This 4 episode video series by JinnyBoy TV and Tontonmy tells about the story about thyself, about integrity and about finding love.’s message here in this video shows how a person’s a judgement of oneself and another person can hinder one in finding his/her true love. Readiness, integrity, fun, adventure can happen only when you let go of your own comfort zone to look for love. We have always been dictated by society that what is taboo or what ifs is not the way. But if we only ascend through our own actions and own beliefs do we realize that the chance we are looking for is just within our reach. The story of Kaysiao started from a dream. A dream to help people find love. But is just a tool online. The goal is to pay it forward. The goal is to educate singles that finding true love is not just about the looks but what is within. A real relationship takes a lot of patience, understanding and compromise. Love is the key part of it because it is what connects two people to stay in the relationship. There are no shortcuts in finding the right one unless you become the right person yourself. To become the right person means to see yourself in the mirror and know that you are a better person after the pain, you are open to new ideas and you segregate new conditioning to yourself and not focus on the past. A new you can attract a partner with the same energy. Being a narcissist is different from self love because, self love means starting to have love within and you give it to others without them stepping on your boundaries. Please share this post if you think it has helped you or you think someone need this to wake up and start living. God bless, Pengyows! Share the love!